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a blog ? why ?

A blog ? Why ?

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A blog ? Why ?

Miss was born ten years ago and she has an EXTRA-ordinary brain.

Miss has a Corpus callosum disorder. More precisely, Miss has a dysplasia and hypoplasia of Corpus callosum (see article further on the blog in "handicaps").

As a consequence, Miss has lots of specificity which allowed us to qualify the girl as "special girl"!

Among all, we can list : feeding disorder, fine motor delay, gross motor delay, metabolism disorder, speech and language delay, dyspraxia, attention deficit disorder, autism like behaviors....Schooling Miss and finding the right provision is a full time job, wherever it is (France or UK), whatever the language used (French or English). Maybe easier in the UK to be honest !

As parents, it is ten years now that we are Special needs kid's parents, and, as myself, ten years that I am a Special needs kid's mum.

The journey to acceptation was long and harsh but now just got the feeling it is time to share knowledge, must- to- know, must-to-read, schools informations....everything that make people feeling they are not alone on the subject and whatever help wasting time !

Cheers for reading !

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